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People are seeking intimacy with the knowledge and the technology that makes me continue living confortably.

Doctor Simi_the relation with the street.

the father that teaches

the higene, from japan.

So we have to look on the design of the performance, not only on the design of the space.

What happens with the design of the clothes…. can be paper clothes?

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Aesthetic beauty, plastic surgery

aesthetic beauty



KU64, dental clinic, Berlin

Who would have thought a dental clinic could be this cool? The 10,180-square-foot clinic (called KU64 after its Kurfürstendamm address) is located in Berlin and was designed by the hot firm, GRAFT, the same people that were behind Berlin’s new super lifestyle Hotel “Q”.The incredible design makes you feel like you’re in an A-list Hollywood members bar – certainly not the usual ambiance associated with utilitarian spaces like this one which houses eight dentists. The cocoon like spaces are filled with light, creating an elegant sense of flow and space. It makes even a session of root canal seem inviting.





SPA Struck (Yi Spa, Berlin)

The plush amenities of a celebrity rehabilitation centers can be yours, without the lawyer fees of a public DUI. Though its not the “rehab” you may be thinking, Yi-Spa in Berlin will have your mind and body rejuvenated in no time, leaving your stress addictions behind.
The site opens with a cryptic passage from writer Khalil Gibran, “I had a second birth when my soul and my body loved one another and were married.” Though we’re not entirely sure how this relates to facial exfoliation and full-body massages, the feel-good vibe is there, and we’ll follow it.
Yi-Spa continues down its unconventional path with eye-opening architecture and interior design. Instead of puritanical white, designers infused bright color (hot pink no less) into the spa’s interior – a refreshing change from the stark, minimalist-inspired interiors that characterize most spas. Hard wood floors and white walls contrast with hot pink screens and curtains and dome shaped lighting.
For the high-strung Berliner in your life, you can purchase a “Feel-Good-Schien” loosely translated as a “license to feel good,” – or as we say in the States, a gift certificate



Idea Gallery, Bosch an fjord architects



Lego, Bosch & Fjord architects




Do you work in one?

Chances are if you talk to any CEO within the traditional corporation model they will most likely agree that productivity is primarily measured in monetary terms (i.e. profits and margins). If numbers continually rise or remain stable, then change within an organization should be avoided at all costs. If, at any time, productivity declines, the CEO will undoubtedly be the first to take notice, and a top-down chain of events could result in layoffs and downsizing and consequently evoke fear and panic from the bottom up through the ranks. But what about a change to the physical environment within which people operate – create – innovate? Most companies adapted to the so-called ‘open plan’ lining employees up in rows of cube-shaped spaces essentially allowing working minds to adjust according to stimulus created in the workplace. Individuals who became accustomed to hiding inside their own closed off sanctuaries were suddenly forced into listening and discussing openly and candidly work-related problems and ideas abandoning the ability of retreating into isolation. Those who had a difficult time acclimating were either kicked out or discredited for not being able to operate effectively. During this phase in the evolution of work space design many larger companies who could afford to do so, spent money on architecturally impressive buildings from the outside – modern, sleek, media-attracting structures – while simultaneously neglecting following through within where the work generally takes shape.


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